Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 14, 2014 - Hey Y'all!

Hi Everyone!

I hope all is well and everyone has a smile on their face! I do because I get to talk and read about my lovely family and friends! Wahoo!

I just wrote my letter to Pres. Hernandez about our whole district and now I have time for all of you my lovelies! I hope all is well. I am super happy here but I am also tired and have a little stress. All part of life! I am reading the Book of Mormon everyday and I love it. I am in Alma 42 in Spanish and I started what was it 3 or 4 months ago. A chapter everyday!

I got the package and pictures from Am with the Book of Mormon map and the cutest pics of Connor. I love that boy! I am so jealous of all you that get to hold him. He is such a cutie! He makes me smile and I am showing him off to everyone. A proud uncle right here!

I also got the package from Mom! Thank you so much for the chocolate. It melted but it was still delicious. I was so happy with the Girl Scout cookies and goldfish! I got my mouth guard and I am now using it. So much more comfortable. I loved the RSL articles the Utah magazine with great pics, the RSL schedule and all of it! Very thoughtful thank you so much!

I also got a letter from Aunt Theo! She is such a great person and a cutie! She sent me a picture of herself which I didn´t have so I was happy to receive it from her! All is well here really.

This week we had all 12 of the Valdez Family in sacrament as well as Samuel! That was so awesome. A great fast Sunday. 2 kids were ordained members and the family loved that. They could feel the spirit strong in that part and that is what they want now. We are still working for 3 May for them. We are hoping that one day Pres. Hernandez is going to meet them. He has a goal to leave with the missionaries right now so we are working on planning that! It would be so cool to leave with my Mission Prez! I would be stoked with that!

I had my 1st district meeting that I lead. We got to know each other, put a name and a scripture for the district and all that good jazz. We will read D and C 4 every Thursday. Our district name is Malaquias because almost all the missionaries are training so we are turning the hearts of the fathers to their sons. ahaha good joke!

I have a lot of responsibility and dedicate more time at night and in the morning to these missionaries but it is worth the sacrifice for them! I enjoy it a lot.

We cleaned the house today. The fridge was super dirty. Dirty in Spanish is sucio. That is W of the W. We didn´t have power for a month so the fridge was bad. Lets say now it is cleaner but the smell is still there. Bleach only went so far. But all is well!

Connor looks so good. I love hearing the updates! I hope all is well. I don´t have a ton to say this week. All is well. I hope grandpa is doing better. I am praying for him. Thanks for all your love and I am still waiting for some quotes from people from conference but I got a lot! Thank you!

We have a new missionary in the house from Guiena which is in South America. It is the one that speaks English, as there are 3. He is a little quiet but likes soccer a lot!

Well that is all, lots of love!


Elder Chez Green

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