Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 21, 2014 - Hi Fam!

I hope Easter was great! It was a tough one for me to be honest. And I will tell you why. Friday night we were out visiting and we had some good lessons I thought. We even got to try Habichuelas con dulce which is beans with carnation milk really and some Batta which is sweet potato I think. It sounds weird. Some people love it I think it is interesting but it isn´t bad. So I got to try that. It is a tradition that they only do during this time. But during the lesson I just started feeling weak. I could barely get through it and being the trainer I was teaching it all. My comp wasn´t understanding much so it was tough. We got through it and I was just weak.

So we passed by our appointments and then called and said we couldn´t make it and went back to the house. It was part of our schedule for the holiday any way so it wasn´t too bad but still tough. We got home and turns out I had a fever of 101.2. Not horrible but nothing great. I showered a couple times and luckily it broke really fast. I now have a cough and am congested. We didn´t leave Sat or Sunday except for church. It was tough. I didn´t like it at all. We would have left Saturday but my comp got a boil under his armpit. We went and saw the doctor today and both of us got antibiotics so I hope we will get better soon! I am still happy though and after emailing I am excited that we will actually get to teach some people.

Sunday was tough too. It rained a ton and the Fam. Valdez didn´t make it to church. We will have to change their baptism date. We aren´t sure yet when. We have the wedding this Saturday though! Samuel also didn´t make it for the Holiday and rain and what not. Tough stuff but it is life. We will work with them this week and hope that all goes well and we can get dates set for them again!

The good part was we invited a taxi driver and he came to church. Random but awesome. We also had less actives there in the Church! That was the happy note. So hard not to work though. I was dead bored in the house, you can only sleep so much. I hope to get better and better soon. Get uncongested and keep working!

I got the letter mom with the RSL and a pic of my new mission Pres! Thanks a billion! So awesome and I love getting letters. I need to write Am and Damian but I am working on that still. I was dead tired this weekend and didn´t have any energy to do anything. Wasn´t fun but I will write people soon! Promise!

Oh so W of W is golodrino which means boil. My comp says it hurts a lot and I don´t want to experience it honestly. I hope I never do! Yuck! We saw the doctor today and that is why we went to the temple. So the pictures of me are as up to date as possible! I am looking skinnier right! And sleek and handsome huh?! hehe just joking.

So this week has been good but it has all jumbled together. I don´t remember much to be honest. Being district leader takes more time and effort and sacrifice but it is good. We are keeping on over here!

I heard RSL won! Boo ya I like to hear that. Not sure what else is going on in the sports world. Some days I really miss Sports Center haha!

Sounds as the Jazz stink but oh well. I hope they get better soon!

So this week we taught the Fam. Valdez with our mission President. That is what I was saying. He taught the lesson with us and his wife. It was super cool. We visited the family Valdez and taught them the Plan of Salvation. The only sad part was the mom wasn´t there, because she forgot. Oh well it was really cool. Then we got a lot of rain and I think that is why I got sick. It was super cool to actually teach a lesson with my mission President. That is what I was explaining.

I also gave a talk for the zone on Integrity this week that went well I think. I was happy with it! I am glad Grandpa is doing much better!!!!!

Well that is all. Be safe out there and smile big. A big shout out to Alex Cheney with all his great talent at soccer! I love you all and keep on keepin´on!


Elder Chez Green

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