Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014 - Hi Family!!

A special shout out to my mother as it was her Birthday yesterday! I hope it all went well and that she got spoiled. I love her tons and she is very near and dear to my heart. I am wishing you a happy late Bday!

Another special shout out to the Lynch family and Karlee Price! Thanks for the awesome package. It was just what I needed and exactly when I needed it too. Thank you so much.

Shout out to Parker Pratt for his awesome letter as well. And since we are doing shout outs, shout out to the ward and especially all of my family! I hope everyone is doing well!

This week was full of ups and downs. There are some problems in my district that I am working on. We will see how it all turns out but there are things I don´t want to have to do but talking with the Zone Leaders they are necessary. We will see what happens.

So the week started as I was getting over my cold and now I still have a little cough but we have been working just the same. Tuesday the parents of the Valdez family got married! Wahoo for the law and Saturday was their activity! It was held in the church and it looked great. It started late so we didn´t get to be there for it but we took some pictures before leaving. But then Sunday morning they weren´t in Church and in the night they weren´t there for the appointment. Ah it was such a let down and I don´t know what we are going to do. Keep working with them of course but they had a date for the 17th of May to get baptized, 6 or 7 of them but now we may have to change it. I hope they are not losing their desire but everyone has their agency!

Samuel is also progressing and was our only investigator in Church. That was another let down as well but such is life. You can´t have it all! We are working with more people but we need them to visit the church to see if this is for them or not. We will see how it goes. There is a lot of work to be done here! The bishop is supportive but super busy. We will keep working hard though! We hope to see the fruit of our labor soon but it all comes with time.

We had our district meeting and that was enjoyable. I loved the talks that were given and we have a good district just with some difficulties. One of which is pretty tough but I am working on it! Happy faces!

Zone conference with 3 zones was awesome. I enjoyed it a ton but it went a little long. I enjoy listening to the APs teach and Pres. Hernandez. He is a great man and super smart. The lesson with him was awesome!

So we have goals for baptism but it all depends on their desire. Pday was good today and I hope all enjoy the pictures I sent. There were a lot. The word of the week is cuate which is Mexican. It means buddy. JJ taught it to me last week. I am using it with my Mexican friend E. Lara. Funny thing is his mom´s bday was yesterday too. We are super good friends and I enjoy hanging with him a lot.

Well this email is a little shorter because I had to write Pres. Hernandez a long one and send photos. Sorry but I love you all. Smile big and keep the faith. Remember don´t worry what the people say about you, worry about what the Lord expects of you!

Love you all!


Elder Chez Green

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