Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 7, 2014 - Hey Ya'll Big News!

Hi Family

Some big news for me! I hope you are all sitting down! I am going to be District Leader here in Los Mameyes with my same companion, E. Turketo who I am training! Wow I was not really expecting that. To train and be district leader looks like it will be a lot of work but here we go! Transfers are tomorrow so that is when my responsibility starts! I am not sure I am super ready but I will put it all on the Lord`s shoulders and I know He will help me. I will be in charge of 9 missionaries as well as myself. We will have 3 brand new missionaries in the District so I will need to help them and their trainers in all I can. There are 4 sister missionaries in our District that I will be helping as well!

So this week I gave my first blessings in English! There were two sisters that asked for blessings but wanted them in English so they asked me to give them. It was a great experience and it was so nice to feel worthy and let the Spirit flow through me and tell me what to say. It was a super spiritual experience for me and something I always want to be ready to do. Bless others that need the love and support of the Lord. It was really different to do it in English but it all turned out well!

So as for transfers I am still with my comp because I am training but almost the whole district is changing and a ton of my friends are leaving. But I will make new ones I know! It will be a test this transfer.

So the other big news is this afternoon we got power! It isn´t totally working but part of it at least so we will have it at night. That will be awesome! We can sleep with a fan again and I can start to wash my clothes. We didn´t have water this morning so I couldn´t even hand wash but all is well! I am happy.

Our Pday was awesome and I enjoyed it a lot. Check out the pictures of the shirts that we made. They are awesome. I made mine in honor of RSL and my zone that I am in Ozama!

Sounds like grandpa had a rough go but I hope he keeps getting better. I am praying for him and I know I will see him again, this side or the other! I am grateful for that but I know he will be around when I get back. I have no doubt the Lord will protect my family if I put my trust in him!

General conference was amazing! I loved Bednar´s talk where he said ¨"It was the load" and told the great story! My favorite. I want to know what your favorite sentence was from conference. I expect an email from each one of you to let me know please! Thanks a billion. I want to learn from you all! I just need one sentence each or quote that you liked!

So my old comp E. Valencia is now going to be Zone Leader. Time went by fast for him that was way cool! I am happy for him!

The foreign exchange student looks like she is ready to go! That will be fun for the family to have more people at home again!

The tourney sounds crazy! A 7 verse and 8 is awesome. I hope Uconn beats Kentucky but who knows! I would love to see the new RSL uniforms if someone can send a pic please! Sound awesome!

Well that is all now. Time is running out! I love you all and be safe. Talk to you next week when I am officially District Leader and I might have a little or a lot more stress! Advice is welcome!


Elder Chez Green

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