Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31, 2014 - A little R and R!

Hi Family!

I hope all is well and that we are all happy campers! I know I am because I get to read all your emails! That makes me happy! I love learning about your weeks and that I can tell you about mine as well! This week was an adventure as it usually is!

Today we went to the Cachon de la Rubia. It is a park that is natural where there are swimming spots that feed into the river. It is super beautiful and I relaxed a lot. I enjoyed the time to walk around in nature and I felt like I was back at home! It was a forest and we walked around in peace. It truly was enjoyable for me! I felt like I was back in Utah hiking with Jamie Pruden, or Parker or any other of my friends. A nice little taste of home. It was fun hanging out with a small group of missionaries and it was free to get in! Boo ya!

I hand washed my clothes again because we are still waiting to get power. We will see how it goes but they are working on it. This company is not very good but part of living in a third world country. My comp is doing well, still adjusting but I think good!

So W of the W is delantal which means apron. We have a Charismas one to use when I cook. We can`t cook much now with out power to keep our food fresh. We are eating out a lot which I don`t love but it is all part of it! Just keep swimming like in Nemo!

So we have a family we are working with to get married on April 26 and then get baptized or at least some of them on May 3rd. Going to be so awesome if we can keep it up. The Family Valdez! We hope they can keep progressing. The mom is who really has a lot of interest but they all do. Only some daughters came to church on Sunday which was hard but we will keep working hard!

We also are working with Samuel. an 11 yr old who is doing super well. His neighbor is Relief Society pres and he is always at church. He is super smart and always remembers what we teach. He is one of our good friends. We have a date for him which is 24th of May. It is far away because kids under age have to go to church consecutive for 3 months but we will keep working with him and try to do it with his family as well! Yesterday we found some new investigators which seem to have potential. We can see hope and will keep working hard!

RSL won! Wahoo they are doing work! I am happy to hear that with the new coach and all! Keep it up my boys. I am cheering loud as always! Dang march madness to the final 4! Kentucky Florida U Conn and Wisc. all big teams!

It is always hot here but I am not sure on humidity. I think around 85 percent. I can live without power but water is super necessary! The ward has plans to host the wedding in the chapel for the Valdez fam. It cost about 3000 pesos to get married but that is a lot for people here!

I hope everyone is prepared for conference. I am way excited for it! We get to listen to our Prophet today! I invite you all to pay attention and hear what he has to say or specifically what our Heavenly Father has for us! It will be special!

I hope all the trips are going well Dad! Be safe please! There are some pretty big families but they usually don`t all have the same mom and dad. It usually changes. That is an interesting fact about restaurants dad! So cool! Ill send the crazy pants picture next week when we use them! Gotta wait a little longer!

Well I love you all! Take care in your respective states and places!


Elder Chez Green

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