Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 11, 2014 - Hello All!

Hey family

Well I am at another Internet place, I hope I can get it to work alright. It seems like this will be a little bit of a battle but that is alright. The important part is you hear from me right!? Well I wanted to say I love you all first off!

So this week I ate an interesting food that is in the picture I sent. It is called Mondongo. I am not a huge fan. It is stomach and intestines of an animal, I am not sure what it was. I ate some of it and then gave the rest away. An experience. The Latinos like it but I don´t.

So we have some investigators we are working with which is going well. We have a goal now for one investigator and we have a lot of others in church.  We also have some youth we are working with that we feel are progressing.

We will have a new zone as transfers are tomorrow. I am staying with my comp like I thought I would. E. Valencia is going to train a new missionary again! Way cool!

Another investigator named Julian said that dad is a Vacano or cool dude because of his beard. A lot of people really like it but they also ask if he is "Christian". It makes me laugh and I say yes.

W o W is patrocinar which means sponsor. Like LifeVantage is RSL sponsor. Speaking of RSL, congrats to them for winning and to Nick My HomeBoy Rimando on the shutout record. Way cool! Awesome MLS All-stars beat Bayern Munich as well! I like that!

This week we had a lot of meetings and our proselyting was low. We met with the Stake Pres so we can be united in the missionary work (we met with the Mission Pres as well at the same time). then the next day we had a meeting with all the sister leaders and zone leaders to talk about specifics and how we can help this mission grow and progress. Our mission Pres has a lot of great plans! Then we had our last zone meeting. This zone is changing a lot so we will see how it all goes.

Well I am not sure what else to say. Life is good and we keep working hard here. I am happy to be here, though it isn´t always easy. We will see how transfers go with new missionaries in the house and what not.

Take care and smile!


Elder Chez Green

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