Monday, August 25, 2014

August 18, 2014 - I didn´t know Mr. Krabs lived in the DR!

Well where do I start hmmm. So the title just gives it away right. Well last night my comp caught a crab. It was walking towards us while we were sitting and talking with our ward mission leader. I spotted it first and then we ended up taking it home. I am not a huge fan but we just took some pictures and then released it so all is well. You will now get to know Mr. Krabs in photos. (The subject line is a reference to Spongebob FYI for all those folks that don´t understand!) He is an interesting little guy but now you all know him!

Today was a relaxing Pday again. Sometime they are good but this one I mostly just slept and worked on my temple puzzle. I would have liked to do something but there are so many places closed on Mondays, including museums, galleries, and tourist attractions that it is sometimes hard to find things to do. But it went well and we now have a clean house, a new washing machine (the old one stopped working) and my puzzle is starting to look really good!

So this week were the changes and in our zone there were 19! Wow that is a lot! And there are 7 new missionaries in our zone. We still have 32 missionaries total, which is the largest zone in the mission (or tied for the largest). Wow lots to do!

This week we had some fun with a gathering in the church where we had to act out a word. It was fun and an investigator came. The branch is really small and they have some issues but we are trying to help them! We have three goals for baptism. The closest is in two Saturdays. Her name is Alejandra and she is 19. She is super solid, she just needs to understand the importance of coming to church a little better. So we are going to teach her that a little more. But she said she feels like a member which is awesome. She has some friends in the church as well.

Then we have Luis David who is 14. We just found him about a month ago but he always comes to the activities and he is going to start seminary today! Wow so cool! He is investigating a lot about the church and knows a lot. He really just needs more time and to get a stronger testimony. We usually have to wait 3 months to baptize someone under 18 but we may be able to move it up, depending on the ward support.

And lastly we have Guillermina who is also progressing really well. She said that she has felt and received an answer, now we just need to help her keep progressing. She is reading the Book of Mormon, well the chapters we assign her. We just want her to keep progressing but we have high hopes for her as well in September. We have a Family night tonight with some members in the ward so we hope that she can receive help from that.

This week we had a meeting for the new leaders and wow was that inspiring! Our mission President is very spiritual and an inspiring man! Wow! I had such a great experience and I felt the spirit very strong during that meeting. The Spirit was testifying of this great work we are doing and that our Heavenly Father knows us and watches over us. I now have a stronger testimony because of that. I learned a lot! Some of my very good buddies are leaders now as well. There are about 7 or 8 of my group from the MTC of 16 American Missionaries that are leaders. That is super cool!

So thanks to Elder Mortimer and the idea of Am we did the miracle minute in our zone. We gave one Elder the chance to share as there isn´t a lot of time, but it was great! I hope to keep doing that! Thanks for the advice!

So yesterday I gave a talk. It was a surprise to me, but luckily the house is just upstairs, I ran up there and grabbed the Liahona. And I had one prepared in my mind. It was on the talk by Pres. Uchtdorf  "Are you sleeping during the Restoration?" and I started it off by sharing the scripture in 1 Thessalonians 5 verses 6 and 8. I thought it went well, though I tried to make a joke at the beginning and no one laughed. I think it is the culture here that it didn´t translate or something. I said " this scripture is for those of you who are tired" and it talks about not sleeping. I thought it was funny anyways.

So WoW is ... wow I think we will go with "celular" which is cell phone because we got a new one today that actually works"! Wahoo and it is yellow and cheap but it works!

So the zone has people from all over. From the Guadalupe Islands to Peru, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico and lots of States in the US. There are 12 sisters and 20 Elders.

In the house we have E. Vargas from the DR and E. Coello from Honduras. 

Well I think that is all my lovely folks. That that that´s all folks! (the piggy from looney tunes!)

Be safe and have a good week. Know that I love you all!


Elder Chez Green

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