Wednesday, August 6, 2014

July 28, 2014 - Hello Lovely Family

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to say I love you all very much! Like I said, I am not sure how much time I will have now being ZL but I hope I can send you all some good info! I may email in the mornings too or in the afternoons. Just depends. There isn´t a lot of power here so it makes it hard.

First off thanks for all the gifts! I got the tube and the packages form the Cheney and Gma and Gpa Barlow, as well as from Whit and JJ and Am and Damian (envelope). Muchas gracias por todo! I mean thank you ! haha

So this week is truly just a blur but I will try to take something cool out of it and make it into an email. My mind is a little fried to be honest with so much to learn and to tell people that I have just kind of forgot. Haha but such is life!

My comp has 19 months and is a super good missionary! He has been ZL for almost 5 months. A lot of work.

Well I love you all so much. If the power goes out right now I want to be sure you get this! I love you all!

Elder Chez Green

I am back!
I had to change computers but we will see how much time I have left with the battery. I hope sufficient but who knows. So this week the spiritual part was we had the baptism but it started late. So we visited the 1st counselor so he could come visit the baptism. He is less active but it was super spiritual. Then he showed up on Sunday as well. It was pretty awesome! We felt like he needed the visit and we hope he keeps coming! We have been working hard but the investigators didn´t make it to church. Two new ones did but the progressing ones did not make it sadly. We will keep working with them. There are some big challenges in the zone but we hope that it all goes well and keeps getting better. We have been talking with Pres.Corbitt about some things and how we can help the zone. It is all changing little by little. We hope it keeps getting better.

I am about 20 or 30 minutes from the capital. It has a lot of dirt roads here but its good. The problem really is the power here. It is not very consistent or good. My comp is waiting for me to finish so there isn´t much more I can say right now.

Our branch has about 60 active members I believe so that is cool. There are challenges like always. Today for Pday we just rested in the house and ya that is pretty much it. I love you all!


Elder Chez Green

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