Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 1, 2014 - Hello All!

Hi Everyone!

Well this week has gone by well. At times it seems fast but other times it is so slow.

Mom I got the Liahona. Thanks so much. And for the letter!

So we got Hno Marion and his sons to attend the baptism this Saturday which was pretty awesome. They came to church (except for the mom because her daughter just gave birth and she was taking care of her). Then we had a lesson with them that night. And the big news is....

They decided to get married! They want us to find out all the requirements so that they can take the step. They are now shooting for the end of December! We will see what happens. Just because of them I don´t want to leave but we will see how it all works out in the end. They decided that if it was just civil marriage, then they could do it. And we are hoping we can do the baptism with them right after that! I pray we can get it with them, no matter if I am in the area or not. They are a great family!

Other than that we are working to find people who are truly prepared and interested. We found a cool guy named Nicholas who read all the pamphlet we gave him. Now he just needs to have an open heart and pray about it.

I have been enjoying the conference talks a lot. I read the one by M. Russell Ballard about the prophets and the organization and I learned a lot. I did that today as my comp got a haircut. I got one as well!

The Christmas Spirit is starting for me and here in the DR (though there isn´t any snow...) The church has a program we are using called El es la Dádiva or He is the Gift. They are using it world wide to invite people to come to Christ. The video is awesome. You should all watch it and share it with friends and family and try to invite new people as well. It is at christmas.mormon.org and only like 3 minutes. We are trying to get all the branch involved to help us out!

We had a meeting in the capital about the He is the Gift program. Then on Thursday my comp had to get a blood test cause he has been sick. We stayed home for one day sadly. I hate staying in the house. Makes you homesick and feel lazy.

Church was good. I got another surprise talk and a surprise lesson. We are some of the few Priesthood holders in the branch so we have a lot of responsibility. 

The trip sounds good! I am glad the rental care was a better choice. Lucky you got to see Connor. Can´t wait to meet that kid!

For Thanksgiving I made no bake cookies. They were delicious. I also made some more today because the district came over. They were good and I am super full now. No turkey here as it is very expensive. Sad day. I had some mashed potatoes at the zone thing and some pumpkin cake though. The best I could do here in the DR

Utah had some close games for sure. Awesome we are 25, even without a good offense. I hope we make a good and winnable bowl game.

Christmas season is here. Sounds like you are all prepared!
Oh, go Eagles. That is awesome!

Well I think that is all for now. I love you all! I am praying for you all! Be safe and smile big!


Elder Chez Green

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