Tuesday, December 16, 2014

November 17, 2014 - Temple!

Hi Family,

As you can see from the title line, we went to the temple this week with our branch. As missionaries we got to help as witnesses and to help with confirmations. It was pretty cool. The best part for me and the most special was that Luis David came. He got to participate in vicarious baptisms and that was pretty awesome! It is truly a miracle that I got to see this day and I hope and pray to help other investigators get baptized and go to the temple, because we all know that is the real goal. Temple attendance! I am very grateful for that opportunity!

Yesterday we had all of the Pimentel family but the mom because she was busy in the house. We talked about marriage with them and they said that they still need to talk about it as a couple. They want to be baptized but the marriage is the big thing. They also need to stop drinking coffee. We pray that they can get to the 13th of December but we will see. I am very grateful for them as a family to work with. They are reading (the dad mostly) and the kids are enjoying it they said.

At the temple store we bought them a bible and a triplet so that they can have them to study from. I pray that they will make the decision to get married. We need to find out the prices and such to see how much it will cost them.

We are also working with a less active named Angel and the lesson we had with him was super great. Very spiritual and he said that he could feel our love for him and the Lord´s love for him. He didn´t come on Sunday sadly but we are still working with him so he can get his life back on track!

I got the photos from Am and a letter from Dad. Thanks a million for that!

On Sunday I gave the lesson for the investigators and I gave a talk. The attendance with our investigators was really low. We are trying to do our best with helping the branch.

Last Wednesday we had a meeting in the capital which went well. After that we went with the Encarnacion Family and watched the Joseph Smith movie. I believe they enjoyed it but sadly none of them came to church on Sunday and I don´t think they will get to the 20th of December date. They don´t seem to be putting in enough effort to get an answer.

We also shared the movie with the Pimentel family and that went great. Yes so we watched the movie twice in a row. It was very good though and I love that family. They are great! It was spiritual and that way the kids could get involved as well.

Today we went to the capital and my comp bought some stuff. I didn´t really want anything though I need to start thinking about cool souvenirs in a couple months.
This week I have been a little sick with a cold (I think because I got wet from the rain..) but we just keep going.

Awesome that Utah beat Stanford. Sounds like we are a great defensive team this year!

The work this week was a little tough but we have an awesome activity coming up on Saturday. It is called ¨A trip to Hawaii¨and we have been inviting everyone. We are going to decorate the church on Friday and we pray that it will turn out great! I will see if I can forward on the invitation that was made.

Ah what else. Oh W o W is estirar which means to stretch. That is a good one.

Oh my comp says hi to everyone BTW! Be safe to all. I hope the families and extended families are all doing well! Lots of love to all!


Elder Chez Green

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