Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 8, 2014 - Hello Family!

Well I think I forgot to tell you guys a W o W so this week it is Dádiva which means gift, but it is more of a religious word. Él es la Dádiva is the inicitive we are telling everyone about.

So it´s Christmas time, and that means time to wear Christmas ties. I wore mine for the first time on Thursday! I love the He is the Gift video and we have showed it to a lot of people here. I hope they keep seeing it and enjoying it. We are hoping to help people come unto Christ this Christmas. It is hard here though because people really like to drink and what not. But I can still feel the Christmas spirit!

We are still working with the Pimentel family in order to achieve the goal for Dec 26th to get married. I hope and pray we can achieve it!

Luis David got called as the teacher Quorum Pres. which is pretty sweet!

This week I did an exchange which was enjoyable and I got to know some of the investigators in the other area of Bocachica. We played some chess during the night as well and that was pretty cool. I like chess though I am not super great.

So transfers are next week. We will see what happens. A lot of people think I will go to a new area because I have a lot of time here but we will see. Our area needs some new people to help us out again. We are doing what we can though. 

Awesome about Utah Basketball beating number 8! Super cool! Keep it up! And the Utes in a bowl game! Wahoo! We gotta beat Colorado St. in Vegas too.

I hope you all have awesome Christmas houses now! Ours doesn´t have much, except for my mini Christmas tree but it looks good!

Today I used a face mask and we just relaxed in the house. It was super nice and I loved that!

So I was reading about Israel Barlow and our family history in a book mom sent me like last year. So good wow! I love reading about our family history! I want the 17 page article about Grandpa if possible! I remember you all talking about it!

I was also wondering if Aunt Theo has a biography? Just curious.

Ah well all is well. I have been doing just fine! We also talk with one family of members and they are some of my favorites. I want to visit them again for sure. He is the ward mission leader. It is the family Lireano. Such great members and so faithful! Love them so much!

Well I am just being happy and doing my thing here. I hope to finish the puzzle you guys gave me today maybe haha. I finished the temple part but I was lazy with the sky and tress. Ah such is life here in the mission. So little time haha.

We played some dominoes as well. Well I love you all! Be safe and smile big!


Elder Chez Green

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