Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December 16, 2013 - Sore Jaw

Hola my family! I hope all is well in all of the places you are located! I can`t just say hello Utah anymore because we are so diverse!

I just got back from the hamburger place called Coque! It was delicious as always! I enjoy eating at that place because it is a little taste of home! I also bought a delicious shake from a place down the street. The flavor was zapota or something like that. I don`t know what it is in English but it is delicious! I enjoyed it a lot. The shake place isn`t in our area but we stop by every once and a while and it is so delicious! They also have lechoza which I believe is papaya and a lot of other flavors too. I love the shakes here and they are not too expensive just 70 pesos. That isn`t super bad but it is not the greatest!

So for the title line, I have a had a sore jaw the last couple of days. I believe it is because I have started grinding my teeth at night maybe because of the stress or something like that, though I don`t feel super stressed. I believe that is what is happening so if anyone has suggestions on how to stop doing it in my sleep let me know! haha no it`s alright I am just working on relaxing more before I go to sleep, especially my jaw.

So our neighbor lived in the States a while and he always plays American music! Especially oldies music and it makes me laugh. I can hear it through the walls all the time but I do my best not to focus on it. The DR always has blaring music all the time. It is funny but sometimes really hard to teach lessons and things of that sort. The people here are unlike any other but I am enjoying it that is for sure! I like teaching them and things of that sort.

So this week we lost a lot of investigators because they weren`t progressing or just wanted to be our friends. It was kind of tough but we have more work to do always! We still have one date of baptism set for Eduard on the 28th and the other was moved back because she (Dulce) doesn`t have a testimony yet so we are waiting for her to recognize the response.

I got my Christmas package! Thank you so much to everyone! I can`t wait to open it on Christmas. The time is going by fast but those presents are so tempting. My companion was very appreciative as well! He couldn`t believe how much was for him as well! The presents look great under our tree! Great idea on the Teddy Grahams too! I love those things and my comp enjoyed them a lot too. It was his first time trying them.

Dad or Mom when can we open the letters? It doesn´t say on them but I assumed they are for Christmas but wanted to ask all of you first! Let me know please. Thanks!

So there still is no water in my house but maybe one day. They keep saying someone will visit to fix it but who knows haha. The ward member did not fix it sadly haha.

No more Jason Kreis!!??? Oh my so sad. He is a tough act to follow and such a great guy. It will be interesting to see who they pick up and how they do. That makes me a little sad to hear that he is now gone. Good thing I got a pic with him when I had the chance! Thanks for all the info Dad on the coaching process. Crazy to stop negotiations with Jason! He is amazing but oh well.

So I am pretty much ready for Christmas now with presents and all of that good stuff. I am going to try and buy hot coco to have for a couple days during Christmas time. That is my goal.

We are working with new investigators but there is not much new on that front right now. Just the beginning few lessons and we are waiting for more results and things of that sort. It is a teaching and waiting for answer game haha.

Oh the package was put in my hands on Dec.12 so it looks like it came in about 2 weeks or so which isn`t too bad, but I wouldn`t rely on that time frame too much haha.

So W of W is atardecer which is sunset. And then the difference between galleta and maseta. Galleta in DR Spanish means slap or punch usually. Haha how funny is that. And maseta is cookie. Interesting how different it is!

Guagua is the buses or vans they have here to transport you! We trade off who cooks and it is usually simple but healthy and good. We played soccer as two different zones together.

Awesome news on the secret Santa! Thank you to everyone!

Great work Utes on the win! So awesome! Beating BYU is always great. Keep it up bball team! Mom no worries on the spices and things. I can buy them here but I just try to use my money for more necessary things. The food is still good and if I get tired of it I will just buy spices or what not! No biggy thanks though.

Have fun with all of the family parties fam! Enjoy all of this Holiday season. It is a great time to spend time with friends and family!

The card for the Sub for Santa is an amazing idea. Nice work family. That makes me so happy! I am smiling big right now for sure! I send a warm hug and kiss to all of my family and friends back home! And also to my ward family!

Well that is all for now! Lots of love to all of you my friends and family! Enjoy the Christmas preparations!

Elder Chez Green

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