Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 2, 2013 - My First Transfer . . .

And I am going to be in....

Primavera haha the same place as before! It is logical because I am still being trained! Missionaries usually don´t change during their training. So I get to pass 6 more weeks here wahoo! The members are awesome and the house is actually great besides not having water so I am looking forward to it!

Dad I am addressing your old email first. I am not sure how big my comp´s bike is. My talk went well! The zone leaders bought supplies to cook Mexican food which isn´t cheap and then we all pitched in so we could have it. It was delicious! My comp worked two jobs before the mission and saved a lot to pay for the mission. And cheverre muchacho means cool guy, more or less haha.

Now to this week! We traveled to the Capital twice this week which was a ton! First for an appointment with the doctor for my companion. I talked with the doctor´s wife who is very nice. She said my parents must have been great because I am doing so well and have such a great attitude even though we don´t have water in our house haha! So compliments to my parents! I love you. Thanks for raising me so well.

So in the capital we visited my old stomping grounds, the MTC haha. That is where the doctor is. We also visited the Mission Home or Offices and I had two letters waiting for me from Dad! Wahoo thank you so much! I got the pictures of the family and the wallet size of the family! I appreciate it a lot.

I bought a mini Christmas tree in the capital! It is perfect for me haha and I am sending pictures. I was looking for one for a couple weeks but they were all expensive. I found this one and bought it for 175 DR pesos with lights included! Boo ya that was a steal because others were 800 pesos without lights haha. I am way happy to have that. In the capital I also bought some simple scripture covers to protect my scriptures. I also bought the Gospel Art Book which is way awesome! I love all the pictures it has and there are over 150 I believe! It will help us teach young people like Eduard who is one of our investigators that has trouble learning. But we have a baptismal date for him! It is December 28th! All is going well so far so we are looking forward to that! It is exciting!

Thanksgiving was just another day for us haha! It was actually the day of our Zone conference which was cool. We got to spend some time together as a district and a zone. The Hermanas in our area made cookies for everyone so I guess that was special. It was very nice of them and they were delicious! That was about all that was special for Thanksgiving. I hope the food was great, the company was terrific and the football was enjoyable!

Well in the capital the second time we got permission to go to the temple! Our branch needed more priesthood holders they said to help out so we made time to go. It turned out that not many people could go so we couldn´t really help much. It was unfortunate but we did get to do confirmations in the temple. We had to get special permission to go and could only do specific things. But it was really good. I also bought some ice cream at a store called Bon. It is the brand of ice cream here in the DR. It is delicious and they have ice cream trucks all over and stores every where. It is delicious!

So the RSL game is this Saturday!! Wahoo go RSL get the Cup! I have faith. I didn´t hear many details about it haha but that´s okay!

So last night I had some BBQ! It was awesome! Presidente Jimenez who is Pres. of the branch had us over but we had appointments to go to. So they packed it up for us to go. It was so delicious and I had it with a coke! It felt like I was back in America for a little bit haha!

Mom there is a restaurant that makes hamburgers. It is not a chain which makes it taste way better and it is about 5 bucks for all of it haha. I am glad Thanksgiving was enjoyable! I am sure all the family is doing great! I am happy for them! The sleepover sounds like a huge blast! Way awesome! I love the Cheney family and I am glad I get letters from them. It is so great!

Oh Dad I passed a golf course on the way back from the Capital and thought of you haha!

Thanks for the B day list mom! That is perfect for me! I have them all written down in my planner now! The problem here is that printing costs money and I don´t want to pay haha. We have a bathroom of course. The problem was there was no water to flush but now we have water to flush but we try to use the church as much as possible because water is precious to us to bathe and wash dishes and such. Sorry for the confusion haha.

The family of 4 we are having trouble with. They aren´t really progressing. I think they believe we are friends to pass time with and they aren´t actually making commitments. That is somewhat hard. We had a new family come to church this week now we just need to work harder to get all of our investigators progressing and working towards the goals we have set for them. I think this is the way every where and it is just difficult but we will keep trying!

I hope the flight went well dad to Australia. So awesome! I want to see a rainbow here someday I hope! The interviews were actually in our stake center so it was only 20 minutes away or so. I will call the home phone for Christmas. We get an hour but my companion said it isn´t exact and that an hour and a half may be okay. I am not sure and need more information.

Words of the Week are first Panafull which means best friend. It is slang of course haha. The others are arco which means bow and flecha which is arrow!

Well that is about all. Please keep me updated on the RSL game! I want to hear all about the experience! Go RSL. I believe. I love you family a ton. Be happy, smile a lot, and notice the Lord´s hand in your life.

Talk to you next week!

Elder Chez Green

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