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November 25, 2013 - Am I back in the USA!!?

Hello Fam!

The subject line is because today we ate a hamburger and french fries with a nice cold coke and it was delicious! It tasted like home to me haha. I also played a game of risk today with some elders from our zone! IT was a new version so it was much faster and way fun! I enjoyed it a lot. It only took about an hour to play with the new version and guess who won? I did hahaha! I was explaining and teaching them the game in Spanish so maybe it wasn´t super fair but hey I think I taught the rules pretty well. They were lacking strategy and that was the real problem haha

Well there has been a lot that has happened this week! haha but first to start off I am going to do the Word of the Week or W o t W for short. It is arcoiris which means rainbow! I haven´t seen one here yet but it is the word of the week because I love the word. And there is an awesome promise in JST and the references in the Triple or Bible about it. IT is the promise given to Noah in Genesis I believe. Chapter 9. First person to find the full promise wins! haha

Well first off I got a letter from Mom last Wednesday! so awesome the first one out in the field! I got the stamps in there as well thank you mom! Now I can send letters when I have time to write which isn´t a ton but I will do my best. I also got a Dear Elder from the Cheney´s! Thank you so much. IT was great and needed. Your boys are so cute! A shout out to all of my extended family, Green´s and Barlow´s! I love you all a ton. Sorry I can´t do specific shout outs but know I am thinking about all of you specifically!

So we now have a water tank that we can fill up every couple of days to get water. It isn´t running water but it is way better than before! Now we are working all the way to 9 pm and getting more lessons in which is nice. This week we had 2 investigators come to church which was a little low but one family was busy and couldn´t attend so that hurt. We are teaching a 9 year old named Edward who´s grandma is a member. He really wants to be baptized and is excited about it. The only difficulty is that he has a really hard time reading and comprehending. It is super difficult for him so we are trying to teach very simple. We want to find pictures of the lessons to help him learn so we are going to look for those if we can find them!

Oh our apartment flooded as well! haha. A member came over and thought he could help us get water in our apartment. He said there is water and we just need to fix this and that and presto. Well he tried and it didn´t work and then he left some pipes unhooked and we were in a hurry so we didn´t notice. First no water now way too much in the wrong place. But nothing got ruined which is very nice! Always a positive in everything. We were in a hurry because we had our interview with the mission president and his wife or one of his counselors. Mine was with one of his counselors but it was very enjoyable.

I finished the Book of Mormon in English ( I had started it before the mission) and now I am reading it in Spanish! wahoo I am hoping to learn Spanish even faster because of this!

We gave a lot of service this week. We traveled out to Juan Dolio this Saturday and worked from about 9 30 to 4 30. That was a lot of work. It is about 25 minutes away in car and we found out it is part of our area. I am not sure how we are going to contact or if we will out there. that is a lot of time and there really aren´t buses that go out there. We chopped a lot of branches and pulled weeds for this family that is very poor. We also planted beans and tomatoes and a lot of food for them so they can survive. It was very cool and I learned a lot about farming. I also got to try a DR dish or food. It is called Locrei I believe and it is chicken and rice but with good flavoring and such. I loved it. It was cooked by a member so we were able to eat it because we were doing service. That is one of the exceptions for eating with people. If you are serving and are confident it is sanitary and have time to eat, you can.

Oh Happy Thanksgiving to everyone as well! I won´t be celebrating that at all I don{t believe but that is okay! I usually just get fat that day and am lazy. I will miss playing Frisbee with guys in the ward though!

I still haven´t gotten Am´s large envelope yet sadly. Transfers are next week but since I am being trained I probably won´t change. I say probably because that is how it usually works but who knows. I don´t have any details on the call or anything like that yet. I believe I will just call you guys with our phone and then you need to call me back so we can talk. I am thinking that is how it will work so let me know which number I will need to call but more details later! some members have Internet access yes but I don´t think we are supposed to use their computers. Who knows though.

Sorry I don't have time to read or reply to anything else right now! I apologize. We were late getting out of the house because of my companion but that is alright. I love you tons dad. I will be sure to reply to your email next time! I love you all so much! Thanks for everything!


Elder Chez Green

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