Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 23, 2013 - Almost Christmas!

Hi Family!

It is almost Christmas! So Happy Christmas to everyone out there! I hope all is well and the preparations are pretty much done so you can have a great and relaxing Christmas day! I am excited to talk to all of you and I now have Am´s Skype information in order to call!
So we are going to have a baptism 28 of December and I am going to be doing it! Wahoo how cool. It is the 9 year old boy named Edward. I am excited. We taught with a lot of signs and with one word answers and simple words. It was cool to try and figure out other ways to teach him. I enjoyed it a lot and now we are just teaching more to him because he is improving every time! I am excited for the 28th.

As for other investigators we are still waiting to see their works. We only had Edward at church this week which was hard but oh well. We will keep in contact with them. I think this time of Christmas is really hard for people too. We had difficulty finding people who were interested in our message this whole week so we are working on a plan to help with it!
We are planning to visit more less actives this week to help them because our contacts and investigators are not going super well. But that is all just part of the mission so we will see how this week goes. It looks like we will be working or trying to work a lot during Christmas which is good but hard because we need to find people who are ready to listen and not too busy with Christmas. We will see how it goes.

So our house still doesn´t have water but oh well. And now some of our power outlets are not working which makes it hard too ha-ha. We had to move our fridge and it was a little difficult to wash clothes but all is well! Joys of the mission here in the DR!
That is awesome about Jeff Cassar being RSL´s new coach! congrats to him and I wish him luck. Crazy that Jason is now gone and sad but change is part of life. I am learning that a lot on the mission!
I bought some hot coco mix here and have had a couple so I can feel the Christmas spirit more! I also got all of my Christmas packages so thank you all so much! I am excited to start opening them and am especially looking forward to the cookies. Yummy! I ate the cashews already and the ties were awesome, thanks Dad. My comp loves his ties as well. Thanks for it all!
So here in the DR they have big Ritz Sandwiches with cheese and two Ritz crackers! Those are my favorite and I try to buy them every once and a while! So delicious!  I want to see these things in the USA ha-ha.

I have gotten a lot of Christmas cards from Pres Teerlink, the family, Aunt Theo! Thank you all so much! I am still waiting for the one from Grandma and Grandpa but I think I will get it tomorrow because my comp needs to go to the capital! I am looking forward to saying hello to all of you face to face!
So we went to the ocean today and that was fun! I sent some picks of it to yáll. We also had our Christmas activity on Saturday night. It started late and the food was served even later but it was fun! The food was delicious but we had to take it to go so we could be in our house at the time we need to be there.
I am so glad that the Sub for Santa was a success! Thanks to all that helped! I am grateful for the pictures and I hope you all enjoyed it!
So Saturday night we got an Aguinaldo which is the W of the W by the way. This is when kids come back and sing songs and bang on buckets to make rhythm. They use whatever materials you have. They usually do it at 3 am but we got it at 10. Lucky us! They just bang until you come to the door and then you pay a couple pesos! It is sweet and funny! I enjoyed it a lot ha-ha.
Merry Christmas to all of the ward out there and all of my friends as well!!
I pay 90 pesos for every package I receive so the first was 11 lbs and the second was 8 lbs. I am not sure on the math but there is the equation ha-ha.
It is no big deal on the water really! We have the church across the street and we just carry buckets every couple of mornings. It works great and is exercise! No need to stress for me family!

I think I am ready to Skype and I have all my info so that is sweet!

Well I think that is all for now. We will talk more on Wednesday family! I sent a lot of pictures and what not. Be ready with questions for me via Skype so we can talk and hold a good conversation! I am looking forward to it! Remember Mom first! ha-ha. Talk to you all soon. Merry Christmas!!!


Elder Chez Green

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