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November 18, 2013 - I don´t need water to survive! Only the Gospel!

Hi Family!

I hope you like the subject line! Simple but powerful (and not really true but almost haha)

Dad I got the Thailand postcard thank you very much! Tomorrow we have interviews with my mission president so I am hoping to get any packages and or letters that have been sent! Life is good here but like I said, still no water. Maybe we will get it, maybe we will change houses or maybe I will transfer out of the area before it arrives. Who knows but I am not too worried about it. Some days we can´t shower because there is not time so we just go to the church and bath with wash clothes and what not haha. Oh the joys!

I had my first Dominican Haircut today. It was interesting and I am not too impressed but oh well. I have learned for next time to be a lot more clear haha.

My companion has a dirt bike back home! I keep forgetting to tell you guys! HE loves dirt biking. We get along really well and we like to serve each other. We are working hard in our area. I gave a talk this week on love. The love God has for all of us and how we are all brothers and sisters because we are sons and daughters of good so we need to have love for everyone. Sharing the gospel is not mandatory but if we have love we will want to share it. I also said that the best thing I have right now on my mission is my smile because I am learning Spanish and a new missionary.

I am working on a Christmas surprise for everyone and you all have to wait until Christmas for it! I hope it will be really good!

We had 5 investigators at church on Sunday which was so great! We had fasted that people would come because that is very difficult. And they did. What a miracle. I hope they keep coming and progressing. I am growing to love the people here that is for sure! Sometimes they are difficult but I a ways have love for them!

So awesome the whole family will be home for Christmas! I am so excited for that. Then I can talk to all of you with my limited time (Mom first of course!) That is great news. I hope you all have so much fun for Christmas! You can photoshop me in the pictures or make a card board cut out of me (Reminds me of the story of Am and I before she went to college. I was going to make a card board cut out of her haha. I hope she remembers)

Dad there are a lot of Porsche Cayenes here surprisingly! It is crazy.

We can listen to music here on the mission just has to be church or piano guys or things like that. I am planning on buying a little speaker that you can plug in a usb to listen to music so I can feel the spirit during down times. I am excited for the news!

Today we had a zone activity and ate Mexican food. IT was delicious. Oh I have lost a belt loop in weight but I feel great. I think it was actually what I needed or wanted to lose. I am eating and feel healthy so it is good! We wash everything because we aren´t sure what is clean and what isn´t. It is very important.

The word of the week is Atajo which means shortcut I believe. I like this one a lot. haha

My comp is an hour outside of Mexico City but he just told me Mexico City D. F. so I don´t have a town name. We have a bucket for water mom and then also water jugs for drinking water we can use for water to clean, we just have to wash them after. No outhouse. The bathroom is the church and that is about it haha. I have mastered my bladder because of soccer and all the water I had to drink then ride on a bus for an hour or more. I can handle it haha.

The family of four is very fun. A mom dad and son and daughter. The mom and daughter are the most interested. The daughter is 6 years old. We also have a 19 year older woman with a daughter that came to church. She is very nice and always has good questions. The probably in this country is always marriage. NO one gets married and they have to be married to be baptized.

20 missionaries in our zone I think and 10 in our district including 2 sisters. As of now no letters but I am hoping tomorrow I will get them! A lot are from Peru and in my district only 1 other is from the USA. We have Mexico DR and Peru for the rest. The sisters are American.

That story is incredible mom! So awesome! I love it thank you. I heard many missionaries got lost in the typhoon for a while. I hope they are all safe!

My comp gets packages from home yes. He is paying for most of his mission or all I think. Crazy but awesome! Only his mother is active in the church.

Well that is all for now. I am out of time haha sadly. It goes by too fast. I hope the job is going well Whitney. Also for JJ. Am I am praying for your pregnancy everyday and my sobrino! I pray for all of you everyday and your health and that you can feel my love and the Lord´s love for you. I love all my friends back in the States and out on my mission. Shout out to Mesa Park Ward!

From a cheverre muchacho


Elder Chez Green

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