Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 9, 2013 - Fam Bam how is it going?

Hi Family!

I hope it is all going well. I heard that my team lost! Ahhhh what a bugger. RSL what happened???? Darn that is a bummer. A shootout huh? Heart breaking details but thank you for keeping me updated Dad! I appreciate all of the information. It is sucky that SKC won the cup they were such jerks this year but oh well that`s life and we move on!

I have my same companion if I forgot to tell you that. He is my trainer so I will be with him for at least this transfer. After that we will see what happens. I have a more specific area of where my companion lives now! Ha-ha sorry it took me so long! JJ might be familiar with it. He lives in Tepetlixpa of Mexico 30 minutes from the volcano Popocatepetlh. He said it is pretty cold there where he lives which is cool.

Last week I got Lhing and Khanh`s Christmas card! Thank you so much for that I really appreciate it! The pictures are great and very detailed. I love the Christmas card a ton and your message on the back. Thank you again!

I also got the letter from Bishop Ron Mortimer for Christmas today! That was way awesome. Thank you so much for that I appreciate it a lot! It was great and Ron made me laugh a lot in it. Thank you to all of his counselors and to the ward for their best wishes. I truly appreciate it a lot!

I am loving all of these pictures that JJ and Dad and everyone have sent. I am at a better Internet cafe today and it is moving so much faster ha-ha. I love fast Internet so I can see and read more about my whole family! Thank you so much.

So we have investigators with baptismal goals! 2 of them. One is Eduard the 9 year old and the other is a 60ish year old lady. She enjoys learning about the gospel so we are hoping we can get a firm commitment out of her. We are working hard here and having fun. I am still getting along well with my comp which is very important and I am always trying to smile big. We don`t have water in our house still but we think the problem is the pump so we are going to try and track down what we need to do exactly. No biggy bucket showers are good just very cold ha-ha.

So story time.
First we were going to our Zone Meeting with 2 new missionaries to their area so we need to take a bus or guagua as always. We got on one and started going. Then he said he need gas and stopped but the pump attendant was super busy and just ignored him. So the driver just kept going and yep we ran out of gas! Wow this guy was not thinking at all ha-ha. I just had to laugh because there wasn`t much else to do. We sat there for 15 minutes as they worked to jump the car and travel for gas. It was funny and we were still actually on time ha-ha!

I also gave my first Spanish blessing to a person who was sick a couple days ago. I was nervous and didn`t really want to do just because I don`t know all the grammatical things for a Spanish blessing but it went well. I know they could understand me but I also know it wasn`t totally correct. The important part is the hearts and faith of those performing and those being blessed and I know the Lord heard my blessing and accepted it even if it wasn`t perfect. It was pretty cool though!

I also saw my first rainbow here in the DR! That was way cool and it made me smile! I have now seen a couple this week but the rain isn`t too much. The temperature is cooling down here but it is still hot and humid here. My comp says he gets cold in the nights but I am not sure how ha-ha. Cold is what it is like in Utah right now but I think I will adjust just in time to come home ha-ha (so two years if you didn`t understand)

I made spaghetti a couple days ago. We had some dry Italian seasoning so I cooked some spaghetti sauce and then combined it with meat and ate it with pasta. It was missing Parmesan cheese but it was good. I really enjoyed it and it reminded me of home and mom`s cooking a little.

Another funny story was that people tried to break into the church one night. They were breaking the concrete around the bars on the windows to get in at like 3:30 in the morning. It was super early and one of our neighbors saw and called the cops I guess. The cops and neighbors were banging on the door I guess so we could open the church but we weren`t sure what was going on so we thought it best to stay in the house. There was a big ruckus so we just stayed locked up in the house. We probably should have left but oh well. The thieves did not get in though which is good! 

Word of the Week is ladron which is thief!

So today we went to a baseball stadium in the Romanas. There are a lot of fields for baseball and also soccer so today we played soccer! It was super fun and I enjoyed it a lot. It made me smile to play soccer! I ate McDonalds after and it was okay. Just not super filling and it is super expensive. I like cooking and eating in our house better.

Awesome information on the Secret Santa family! Thank you so much for that! It is putting a huge smile on my face. It really helps put in perspective how some things are way more important than others. I would rather have a secret Santa than another RSL trophy! (though both would have been cool but that`s not the point ha-ha). Great work Mom and Dad and thank you to everyone that is going to help out! I am smiling big right now!

I can`t believe all that is going on with the Ice Roads JJ! That is crazy ha-ha.

I am hoping to see the devotional yes mom! We are trying to watch it as a Zone another day. We use our feet and legs a lot to transport us ha-ha and then little vans or guaguas and then at the capital we have big guaguas. That is about it ha-ha. My area is in one of the bigger cities of the DR so I am not out in rural no. It is fun but I am not anywhere close to the capital either.

I love you all! Thanks for all the support and prayers and especially the Secret Santa! I love all your emails sorry I don`t have more time to reply but it is up really quick again ha-ha.

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Elder Chez Green

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