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February 10, 2014 - Hello All

Hi lovely family!

I first want to send all of my love! I hope all is well in your area! Thank you for being a great family and so supportive. I truly do appreciate all that you do! That goes to all of my friends and ward members and anyone else reading this! I hope all is well wherever you all are! I am sending my love to you all!

This week went by pretty dang fast but it was an enjoyable one for me! We will start with some great news! I now have a toilet that works and doesn´t leak! Our bathroom is functional and not leaking now. So pretty much we have a good house now. We cleaned it today so it looks pretty good and I am a happy camper! We have water, gas for cooking, it is clean and our bathroom is all good to go! That is one of the first things I wanted to tell you all!

The next awesome news is that this week we did a family night in Juan Dolio with some members. Juan Dolio is more of a touristic place than anything but there are some members that live there so we visited! It is the Family Kim, and they are from California. He is going to school here in the DR so they are living in Juan Dolio. They both speak Spanish but English is their first language. It was an awesome Thursday night we had with them. He picked us up to take us to their house (it is about 20 or 25 minutes away in car, I can´t imagine walking there) on his way home from school. We got there and his wife said, Hey lets show them where the beach is just so they can see it and say that they have been there. We had to get special permission to even go into this area, even though it is part of our area here in Primavera. So we first went to the beach and talked to the family (it is just a couple) to get to know them as we walked. We took some pictures, they showed us what is around them and then we entered their house. It is a furnished condo but they are living there full time.

We sat down and got acquainted a little more. I was using some English and it was a little difficult but fine. Then Hna Laura Kim made us some Tostitos or something of that sort. You will have to see the picture but it is just a tortilla with meat and avocado but it was delicious! It had some Mexican taste to it, which made my comp and I very happy. Hno David Kim served in Mexico on his mission. So after eating we shared a message with them from the Liahona. They asked that we talk about HOPE. It was a good lesson and very enjoyable for me! Then after sharing the message we sang happy birthday to Hna Laura, as it was her birthday the day before! We sang and ate some delicious Choco Flan cake! I enjoyed it a lot! We also talked to them about some less actives that live around them and if we could do an activity with them. We are still working on the plan but looks like it should go well! It was a super great day and I felt like I was back in the USA for a little bit. They are a great family and come to church every week.

The word of the week is ancho which means width! I also have a bonus which I am not sure If I taught you guys already. It is heavy but with a DR accent. Here it means cool. For example Que Heavy! means how cool!

So this week we did a lot of cleaning out of our investigators. Ones that are progressing and ones that aren`t. We have a lot less now so we are in the search of new ones, but we have found a fair amount of new people this week! We found a couple that is recently married that we are teaching. We have an appointment tonight! We are still working hard but being patient as well.

So my favorite lesson to teach is the Book of Mormon. I love that all we really have to say is Read it! Pray about it! and you will find your answer, if they put in their part it is all waiting there for them. I love teaching about the Book of Mormon, it always makes me happy! I just hope that people actually follow through with their commitments!

Yesterday at Church the Pres. of the branch gave us a shout out, saying we can see a difference in the ward right now because the missionaries are working hard! Wow so cool but a little unnecessary haha. Made me a little embarrassed just to feel everyone`s eyes on you!

P day today was relaxing. We washed clothes then spent the day with Hno Luis Bautista. He is a great member. We played Mancala, chess and he made chicken with rice for us! It was delicious. I will send a picture of him and the food. I truly enjoyed it. I am just a happy camper now! (especially because the internet is at normal speed! hehe)

The date of the 15 with Alexandra fell through but we will keep working hard. As of now we have no dates but some goals for baptisms. We will see how they progress.

I have been picking up a little DR slang here but it is not easy to understand. I will learn it little by little though! I don`t know how many districts there are or zones for that matter but I will try to find out!

Awesome the Olympics started. Go USA! I hope they do well. This month is the Independence day for the DR. The 27th I believe so everyone has flags hung up in front of their windows or whereever. It is pretty cool to see!

Valentines day here will be an activity in the church for couples! Pretty cool. We will invite investigators. Thanks for all the info family! I love you all a ton!

I think that is everything. Be safe and know I am thinking about you all. Shout out to all my friends reading this. I love you guys!

Love you family! Talk to you soon!


Elder Chez Green

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