Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 24, 2014 - Big News!

Hi family!

So first of all I want to send my love to you all! I haven´t seen an email that Am had her baby yet, so I believe Little Ferrari is waiting just a little longer. That sounds good to me! I got a letter from Aunt Theo on Thursday which was awesome! I love getting letters from her and it was very appreciated. I hope the birthday party goes or went well! Tomorrow is E. Valencia´s birthday! I don´t have much to give him but I found some things I think he will enjoy. It is the thought that counts right!

I loved the pictures from JJ of supercross! Thanks for sending it and I hope they all enjoyed it a lot! I also loved the picture of Mom and Dad with the new truck. Nicknamed the Blue Taco or just Taco apparently! I like it. I think our family is turning Hispanic but that is fine by me! I mean we have 4 family members that speak Spanish now and Whitney looks Hispanic (apparently from the stories I heard from Mexico) so I think it fits. Now Mom and Dad just need to learn and Shantaye needs to serve Spanish speaking and JJ can teach Whitney! Then we are all set to be a bi-lingual family!

The pictures of the party for Theo look great! I hope she enjoyed it all!

So the Big news.... Wait for it! (Psych quote)

I am going to the Zone called Osama, my area is called Los Mamellas A (there are 4 missionaries in the ward I believe, so we are A) It is in the capital. We will be living in a house of 4 from what I heard.
My comp E. Valencia will be staying in Primavera and will be District Leader with a new comp.

Oh and by the way, I will be training a new missionary! Yeah big news haha. I go to the capital tomorrow morning to meet him and he can do some orientation and then we will go to our house and get to work! I am excited but nervous. The weight is on my shoulders now to be the best example and to teach all the lessons for the first little while. Wahoo here we go. I hope all turns out okay! We will be brand new in the area so I have a lot of responsibility!

This week we had a Mouse in the House! Wahoo. We think it came in because our neighbors were cleaning up their yard. We bought traps and then it got caught last night. E Valencia killed it and I threw it out. Team work!

W of the W is boche which is Dominican. It means scolding. Missionaries use it a lot if you are going to be disciplined or if you are going to be frank with the investigators.

I ate sugar cane for the first time this week. That is a big export here in the DR. It was fine, nothing special really. I don´t plan on eating it because I don´t like the feeling of my teeth when I bite into it.

Sunday was a crazy day for me! I taught the lesson in Elder´s Quorum on a talk from General Conference, then I helped teach Sunday School with E Valencia and I bore my testimony to say goodbye to the ward members during sacrament meeting!

Edward and his family now have a huge frame with all the pictures Dad sent! It looks great but I wasn´t able to take a picture of it sadly. Just know it is awesome!

I am glad the baby is still safe Am! Keep him safe but it would probably be good if he came soon! Just doesn´t want to though!

Well that seems to be all for now! I love you all! I will keep you all in my prayers. Be safe and enjoy the week! See you on the flip side!


Elder Chez Green

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