Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 17, 2014 - Buenas!

Hello Family!

The title line is the greeting that we always use when we are walking by so Word of the Week made the title! Buenas which is greetings really. You can add Días, Tardes or Noche to make it more specific but we usually just yell Buenas! when we are in front of someone's house. Not much knocking of doors, it is more like yelling!

So on Tuesday we had our interviews with Pres. Hernandez and his Counselor Pres. Chas. It was a good reunion and it helped that it was at the Stake Center here in San Pedro, so we didn´t have to travel much. I was happy about that! I talked with Pres. Chas and it went really well. I enjoyed it a lot! I talked to the AP´s who are now my friends. I enjoy talking with them, they are good examples for me.

At the reunion I got mom´s letter with her talk in it! I also got an invite for Aunt Theo´s birthday. I sadly won't be able to attend but I appreciate receiving it from them! I hope the party is very enjoyable!

So this week we stopped visiting a lot of investigators. Most of them were not fulfilling their promises so we stopped visiting. It is a little tough but everyone has their agency and we have to accept that. The hardest was with Hna Alexandra, the mother of Edward. She said she won´t commit to a date for baptism. We aren't going to pass by for a little while and see if she will realize or see why we're sharing the message with her. It is a little tough but all is well. We had a family of mother and son at church and hopefully they can progress and make the right decisions. They are our next hope but we will see how it all plays out. We had other investigators at church but they aren´t willing to make a decision for baptism and aren´t really interested so we will pass by in a later date. Right now we are focusing on finding more people who are interested.

Mom´s pickup looks great! Congrats mom and I hope that you love it! I am so happy for you! We are turning into a Toyota truck family it looks like!

On Valentines day there was an activity in the church for couples. We went as missionaries because we had a special invite but you could only attend if we had your pair. We invited investigators but none were able to make it. It was supposed to start at 7 o clock but they arrived around 6 30 to start cooking the BBQ. Knowing Dominicans I should have known that it wasn´t going to start on time. The event actually started at about 8 45. Wow a little late but that is the culture here. I am sure Dad would not enjoy it here for that reason. We were at the activity for about 20 minutes because we need to be in our house at 9 o clock. We had a game planned for the couples to show how much they know about each other, with prizes and everything but we didn´t share it because it started so late. It was a little frustrating but such is life. We got some left over BBQ the next day that was really good. Sweet potatoes, pork ribs, chicken legs, and pasta salad. It was delicious. One thing about the pork here is you shouldn´t eat much of it because it can make you sick very easy. The pigs here are not very clean so we are always careful. A word of caution to anyone that travels to the DR. Be careful with the pork!

Today we played some chess and soccer at the stake center as a zone. I enjoyed it a lot. I am tired right now but the weather was pretty nice because it has been overcast all day! That rarely happens but I am grateful for it! We also washed our clothes and I cleaned our oven and stove really really well. My companion said it looks like new, so thanks for teaching me mom!

Oh today we ate at Papi Chimi again! I got a chicken sandwich and a ham and cheese sandwich with a Lechoza (papaya) shake! It was good. The Olympics were on at the restaurant so I happened to see a glimpse of that as well. Speaking of the Olympics, how is USA doing?! I hope well!

I am glad to hear the Utes won! Thanks for the update Dad! A member in the branch named Omar who is a handy man came and fixed our bathroom. Our house is nice and clean right now, some missionaries passed by today and said it smells great and that our house is admirable. They also said it smells like a house of the Sister missionaries! Wahoo a good compliment.

I found out that there are 9 zones in our mission plus the Islands in Aruba, Curaco and Bonaire. So it is about 10. The AP´s don´t know how many districts there are but it is safe to assume there are about 3 or 4 districts in every zone. So those are the numbers I found out.

When cooking we just wing it. We don´t work with recipes here, that takes too much time! It usually turns out pretty well though!

JJ and Whitney I hope the races were enjoyable! Am and Damian good luck with the baby. It could happen any minute now! Shantaye keep smiling and enjoying your youth. Time goes by faster than you think!

Well I think that is all. I love you all! Be safe! In case I don´t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night -- Truman Show


Elder Chez Green

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