Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014 - Hello All!

Hi Family,

Well the internet cafe today is a lot more quiet and I am not stressing out or anything this time. I have a chair and the internet speed is decent enough. Oh what a joy that is haha! So this week has gone by fast like usual! I have enjoyed it. First off, my jaw and mouth is feeling a lot better now! I have adapted to the mouth guard and I know it is helping in the nights. I feel much better now so thank you!

This Sunday was a little bit of a let down because we only had 3 investigators at church but such is life. Everyone has their agency so we are working hard. We still have the date of 15 of Feb with Alexandra but we might have to push it back because she didn´t come to church on Sunday. We also had some less actives at church which was good. We are having trouble working with our new ward mission leader. He is difficult to come in contact with so that is a little hard but all is well.

So I forgot the W of the W in the rush last week so today I will start with that. Chatarra is Mexican slang which means something bad, usually food. J.J. should recognize it. then the frase ¿vaya la pena? means it is worth it (more or less). I like it a lot.

So as I was saying this day is less stressful, the power here at the cyber went out. So we went home and changed and now I am back in missionary attire trying to write a lot faster now. I lost the letter I was writing to the mission president but not this one thankfully. Oh well haha just funny.

This week we have been working in an area called Brisoal (it has its name because there is always a breeze there). It is about 30 minutes away walking. One morning we went in service clothes and helped a new investigator paint her house. We were using oil paint which is very different but it went well. I enjoyed it and it reminded me of my painting class at Hillcrest.

Ants got into our cereal this week which was fun! It was almost gone though so it wasn´t too big of a deal. It reminds me of Dad´s story when he ate ants at the bus stop in Thailand. I am glad they don´t do that here (at least not what I have seen).
Great pictures Dad from the Strong Porsche dealership! Makes me laugh! I am glad all is well in the parts that everyone is in.
Oh so the best story from this week was when we were coming home from the capital on the bus. We had just started going and when you leave people always hop on the bus to sell you stuff like candy and chocolate. So one salesman looked at the bus and it didn´t look like he was going to get on, but he saw my comp in a white shirt so he hurry and hoped on. Then he got out two chocolates and gave one to each of us. I said no at first because I thought it was a gag to make me pay for the chocolate but then he looked at me and said in broken English, I am a member of the church. So I took the candy and he hurry and hopped of the bus. I hurriedly muttered gracias but he was gone. Elder Valencia saluted out the window to him but he was off. That was such a cool moment. To see a member of the church sacrifice the time and 10 pesos of chocolate for each of us. He was about 20 or 21 years old I would say and 20 pesos could be a lot of work for him. It made me so happy and I am so grateful for the great people in this world who serve and do Christ like things all the time. It made my day so great! I saved the wrapper and put it in my journal and wrote the story but wow! So cool.

We ate at BK this week. Nothing like back in the states but the Whopper was pretty good. It is just expensive here. About 8 dollars for a small. Ouch.

How is the Ward doing! Tell Bishop Mortimer Hi and that I am thinking about him, the Mortimer and Lynch families, and his counselors. Also please tell Jason Burr Hi and the Wagner family, especially Kreg and Oliver! I love my whole ward!

Glad business at GSG is going well! I am glad the big U is still lit up. I love that part of the lights. The internet cafe is 2 minutes away walking from our house. There are a couple around here but this one is usually pretty good, just depends. A member that lives in Santiago made the scripture covers. I ordered them over a month ago but now I have them and am happy. They will probably get beat up over time but oh well. They are great for me!

I heard about the super bowl. Crazy! Wow super crazy. A blow out! No ring for Peyton. Oh well maybe next year. I hope the party was fun with the fam Shantaye and Mom! We have about 245 elders and sisters in the mission right now. That is what the AP's told me! It is filled to the brim here! They are only accepting more when someone leaves. Super packed in the mission.

Am is almost due! Keep me updated and pictures are mandatory when it comes time! I love you all a tons! I think that is everything for the week. Be safe. Cuidate, les quiero mucho! Hasta luego!


Elder Chez Green

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