Monday, February 3, 2014

January 27, 2014 - Second One

Hi Fam,

Well here is the second one that will be short! Well I am not sure what I missed from this week but it has been good! I want to say I love you all so much! I am going to try to reply to Shantaye`s email next week as time has ran out on me! Sorry sis but I didn`t forget about you!

Dad that is awesome to hear about what you get to do! Have fun with your customer! I am glad the Utes are looking good, even if they don´t win them all!

I am glad you had Mark and Yut over for dinner. Tell them I really miss their food please! The letter from Aunt Theo was hand written! So great too. I was so happy to see it. I am sending one her way once I can put it in the mission mail!

Attached is a picture of a Guatemalan bill. So cool. I traded with some Thai money for this one. That is my goal for the mission now. Collect money from different countries of Elder`s that I know! I am very happy. I have a Peruvian Sol and now this one!

E. Valencia said he is converted to being a Utah fan so no worries there! We have water in our house which is good so don`t worry there! We just have to close the pump so it doesn`t leak everywhere in the bathroom. No problem though, I am grateful to have it.

There are 3 APs right now because one is being trained and the other is getting ready to go home. I don`t know any numbers on Elders or Sisters here. Good question that I can´t answer sorry.

I love you all. Thanks for the Email Shantaye. I promise to reply next week when I have less problems! Sorry about that! I love you all. Smile big!


Elder Chez Green

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