Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 10, 2015 - Hello All!

So it has been a great week but busy and the work as for numbers may not have been the greatest but very satisfying. The biggest thing was that the Pimentel Family GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!! Finally! Their marriage was on Friday and Pres. Corbitt was there with them for it and then the baptism was Saturday! I got permission to go and an awesome member took us in his car, Manuel Medina. We got there and I baptized the daughter as the dad wanted each of the 5 missionaries that had taught them a lot to baptize the family! It was super awesome. It is truly gratifying to see a family I helped teach get baptized. This was the first complete family I have been able to help get baptized, husband wife and kids. So great!!! Pres came to the baptism and E. Turketo, Aplanalp and Sauceda were all there. It was a great get together really and very spiritual. They have a goal to get sealed in the temple next August! I hope they can make it for sure!

Sadly the Fam Marte couldn´t make it but it was still a great experience!!

On Wednesday I shared my testimony along with 15 other old leaders in the mission leadership meeting. It was an enjoyable experience and I am grateful I could participate. We have a big group going home, like 25 or something but not all are going the same day.

I did an exchange this week and it went well. I was with E. Empey and we talked a lot. He was a mechanic (or training to be) and we were talking about cars and stuff though I don´t know much. It was pretty cool.

We also found an Italian investigator this week. We invited him to an activity we have this Friday and hopefully he can come. I love the Italian accents so cool. Life is good really.

Today we ate at a buffet and it was less than 10 US dollars. Pretty good stuff too for the DR. I even got some sushi! yummy yummy! I also bought some good souvenirs that you guys will see when I get back. I am a happy man.

Well I have seen many miracles here in the mission and I know that Jesus lives. I have felt his presence and I know that his Atonement is real! I know the Gospel changes lives and it has changed me a lot! I love you all. This is my second to last email! be safe everyone!! I´ll see you all soon! 

Elder Chez Green

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