Sunday, August 2, 2015

June 8, 2015 - Hi Fam

Hello all. I am well. I have loved the first 6 days here in my new area. My comp is great and the area is fun. The house is awesome as well. We really are working to the maximum. But bad and sad news. Apparently we will be changing wards and areas tomorrow. It is really frustrating, disappointing and ah I don`t know what to say. I have no idea why. But I guess I have to live with it. It really is going to be hard because I feel like I haven´t been able to work so hard at the beginning of a transfer before but all is well. Who knows why but there must be some reason. So we grin and bare it for now.

Hmm we have 2 baptismal dates. Some investigators that want to get baptized. We contacted an 18 yr old and he came to church for the first time. The ward is fun. The bishop is really young.We have got to know a lot of new members and what not. But ya that is the news really! I will hopefully see them another time.

I believe we will have to move tomorrow. Ah what a hassle. I just unpacked on Saturday... And I think we will be living with 4 missionaries, which sometimes is good and other times not so we shall see. But who am I to complain. In the end I just gotta smile! :)

Um the zone we are in is really small. I am not sure why it is called Oriental. That is a good question.

My comp is from Lima Peru. He has learned a lot of English in the mission. He likes playing guitar and music in general. He also plays the piano.

Tough season for RSL it sounds like but keep on keepin on!

Sounds like the Finals are fun to watch. We walked by a TV playing it yesterday. It was fun to see a glimpse. In this area, they love basketball! We played some basketball today. Just shooting around and what not. The weather is getting hotter now!

The mom and daughter in Villa Liberaciòn were confirmed by members of the Bishopric! It was hard saying goodbye to everyone in Villa Liberaciòn.

My old comp E Peña did stay. He said that Raymundo was baptized and another should be baptized on the 20th!

Congrats on graduation Shantaye! Love you!

That is great you will have the missionaries over for dinner! Tell them Hi from me! haha

Hmm well I love the General Conference messages. We have interviews with President Corbitt this week as well!

Well I love you all. Be safe please. Pray for me and as always I will keep you all in my prayers! Thanks for everything!


Elder Chez Green

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