Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 6, 2015 - Happy late 4th of July!

Go America! Wahoo it was a good day on the 4th. I ate some Venezuelan food and a recent convert also made us some Italian food. He is from Italy as well. I didn`t eat anything American sadly but it was a good day. I also ate some ice cream to celebrate the day! The only problem, Sunday morning we woke up sick to our stomachs, but we kept working though not as effectively. Such is life. All is well here and I am a happy man! The food was good, though the stomach pain isn`t. That is what we get for eating different foods than the normal!

Anyways it has been a good week! We are still working with the families, but we are trying to strengthen their testimonies first, so they will have the desire to get married and then baptized. It is all going well though. We are doing family nights and whatever we can to get the whole family involved as our message is one for families!

We have a Russian woman who is an investigator. Her name is Tatiana and she seems very interested in the gospel. We are excited for her to keep advancing! We have also found other new people, but we are waiting to see progress!

The 4th was good, though we didn´t see any fireworks but that´s alright. I taught an English class this week and it went pretty well. It is weird talking English though. I feel like it is my second language sometimes now.

This week I talked with Pres. Corbitt a little bit and that was very edifying and enjoyable. I also got my suit out of the offices. I haven´t used it since in the MTC! The pants are way too big now. I weigh 174 pounds. I don´t remember how much I weighed when I left but I think I have lost 15 to 20 lbs! I´m a little more slim and stylish! I am getting my pants re tailored by a member for about 300 pesos which is about 8 dollars. He is also making me two new pairs of pants that I hope you all will like, so I can use them at home. Pictures when they are finished!

I got McDonald's from the offices as well! Lucky me. All is well and we are working hard. We did another exchange this week. Time is flying. Another Pday has come and gone and now we are almost to the end of the transfer. Today I cleaned then we went to the Duarte where I bought the pant material and I also looked at prices for some souvenirs. I am doing well. We just keep working.

Hmm all is well really! WoW is cajón which means drawer here. I always have a hard time with that one!

Sad that Pres Packer passed away, but like it usually happens deaths come in twos and threes. Same with births usually too, at least in our ward anyways!

Wow Kevin is home! so crazy! What's up Kev bot!

Go USA woman. Awesome win for them! Wahoo!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Joe Barlow! Love you tons!

Love you all tons. until next week, Elder Green reporting live from the DR..


Elder Chez Green

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