Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 20, 2015 - Hello All

I hope all is going well. I am a happy man! The baptism happened of Mariana. It was amazing and awesome to see her progress so much! She was so excited to be baptized and the service was great. We had a couple come the woman from Russia and her spouse which was great stuff. We also had some people come that are attending another church but hopefully the spirit touched them as well! It was a great service and the primary sang the song about becoming clean like the earth after rain. Perfect.

Church went well and we had some investigators but the highlight was that a less active family came to church for the first time in maybe 5 or 6 years and the first time here. So great! I was happy to see them come and we have been working with them one time every week. This Tuesday we are going to visit them. We are going to do an activity for my birthday, which is awesome! We are working hard and trying to find new families and people that really want to take the message seriously. But it was a great Sunday. We had an activity for the new converts that evening too which was a success.

My comp E. Rush is 19 yrs old and he is from Mesa Arizona. He has 8 months on the mission. He is a good guy and we get along well. He is the district leader and I am just showing him the ropes. He is fun to be around and knows a lot of Spanish. We are working hard and doing the best we can!

The lesson we had with Tatiana in the week went well. We talked about the Book of Mormon and invited them to read it. Wow super awesome. Very spiritual! I was happy to share that with them and I am excited that she can make the next step!

Like I said we are working with a sister Zulema and her family. They came on Sunday. Our last lesson was a review of the Restoration and it went very well!

Last week I forgot to mention another less active family that has come to church again. The family Mezon. Our family night with them was also super special.

I have really made a lot of friends in this ward and I love it here. I can`t believe how quickly time is flying but I see the Lord blessing us each and everyday. I know he loves us and cares for all of us. I truly see his mercy and grace each day. I know the mission is where I should be. God loves us all and the Savior Jesus Christ is always here for us.

Hmm other notes, well my comp said I look like Captain America so that was funny. Hmm what else...

Oh Happy Birthday to Am! Love you and enjoy your big day! 

Wow Saborio was traded that is crazy. Glad that RSL is winning and it looks like they are trying to make trades to get wins.

Wow can`t believe I'll be 21 tomorrow. I remember when I was a muchacho (WoW, little kid) and now I am all grown up, some what. I have facial hair and my chest hair is starting to grow. Looks like I am really growing up. But I guess that is part of life. One year older and wiser too! Wahoo! Thanks for all the Bday wishes!

Go USA!! Wahoo!

So excited for the trip to the DR with the fam! Can`t wait!

Well I think that is all really! love y'all! Sorry if I missed anything! Next week!


Elder Chez Green

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