Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 27, 2015 - Hello Everyone

I love you all. I hope Pioneer day was great and Am`s bday! It has been a crazy week. My birthday was great and I was super blessed. Jorge and his family gave me a birthday celebration which was super awesome. They bought me a chocolate cake, made empanadas and little sandwiches for everyone and Jorge got me a gift! An awesome Platano Power t-shirt. Wow I am so blessed.

Monday night we made Spaghetti with Hno Medina and we helped him a little bit. We also found a new investigator who is interested to know more a bout the book of Mormon. That is good, especially because today we got about 8 more to give away as we were out in the house.

Wow time is flying I had a lot of emails. What else, well I got a lot of Bday wishes. They announced it in church last week which was cool.

This Sunday E. Rush and I sang a Duo of Lead Kindly Light. I am not sure that I am the best singer but I am practicing more and I`d love to learn so some day I can have a Barlow voice! WE also got surprise talks but it was good. I enjoyed it as I like talking and sharing my testimony. Oh how the mission and the Atonement have changed me. I am so grateful for that! IT is something very difficult to understand yet I know the Lord will forgive us for anything and everything if we are truly repentant. I loved the talk by Pres. Packer he gave in conference about the family and the atonement. So amazing!

Pday today we did an activity of food. Everyone bring something. I made no bake cookies (thanks for the recipes a while back) and they were delicious! It was a fun activity!

I love you all so much. I am working hard here still, but life is good. This week was a hard one for sure. The appts fell through a lot and well it wasn`t easy with he heat being very extreme right now but we keep working hard. Also some tough news that supposedly Hno Marino (fam Pimentel) decided he wasn`t ready to get married yet. Sad news but we will keep praying for them.

Overall life is well! I am doing my best to teach E. Rush everything I can so he can have a more successful mission. E. Turketo is doing great and he is a zone leader trainer, E. Aplanalp has changed a lot I've been told and is now training a new missionary, E. Frampton is also doing well. (old comps)

Hmm what else. Well I think that is it. not a lot of progressing investigators but we are finding new people to teach nowadays!

Well I love you all! Be safe till next week!


Elder Chez Green

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