Sunday, August 2, 2015

June 15, 2015 - Surprise, I'm staying

Yep that is the big news. Tuesday afternoon when I had just started to pack, they called and said there was a change of plans. My companion and I will be staying. The other two missionaries (the zone leaders) would be changing areas. And that is what happened. Ah that was kind of nice to hear though I had come to grips with the change. But I am happy to keep working here in the area. Kind of interesting but good in the end.

The week has been hectic. On Tuesday morning I had to go to immigration in order to take out a certain citizenship card so I won`t (or the Church won`t) have to pay a tax when I leave the country. That is good. We also had interviews with President Corbitt and they went well. I enjoyed talking with him and receiving counsel from him as well. Then we had things like ward council, appointments falling through, a crazy rain storm that flooded all the streets, my comp had to do a baptismal interview and to top it off, today we got special permission to check out a national park that is popular here, called Los Tres Hojos. They are underground lakes. You will see the pictures shortly!

Hmm the week really has been crazy and not super productive with everything going on, but we are hoping that this next week will start being normal! We have a couple named Juan and Olga. They are really nice people. Juan had a stroke and some other things happen a couple months ago so the left side of his body is very weak and he is in a lot of pain sometimes but they make the sacrifice to come to church. They came yesterday. We are working to help them get married (working with the ward to help with the money side of things) and then getting them baptized. The wife believes the church is true but the husband still has doubts but we are working with them to get a testimony. We were working for the end of June but it looks like the beginning of July is more probable.

I talked to Hno Marino (family Pimentel) and they are looking to get married soon and baptized the 1st of August. I hope it all comes through. It was good to finally talk to him! Pres. Corbitt had a family night with them at the temple and he is working with them as well which is awesome! When I talked to Marino he said that Pres Corbitt asked him why he liked the church and Marino responded because it is the true one! He said that Pres Corbitt just gave him a big hug! Ah I can`t wait!

We have some other investigators but we are really working with the members so they can get involved with the work. Our area is big and we only have us 2 in the whole ward now! But we have plans in place! Hmm that is really most of the info for now!

We are focusing on finding families and helping those that only part of them are members so they can all come to church. This way we can help them have eternal families. We really want the families to be together forever, even after death. I know it is possible and in the end Family is most important!

Oh so a lot of people say that I have a Columbian accent from how I talk. I guess they would know because they watch so many novelas here. (WOW Novela is a Spanish soap opera) But that was interesting. They say it is because of how clear and precise I talk. Good enough for me I guess haha.

Hmm ya that is it really. We have started running to see if I can get back in shape. Hey any ideas on how to eat healthy and easy? I am cutting back on sugars lately and working to do more exercise but please any easy recipes with like tuna or chicken and especially what are good healthy snacks that are filling?

I am going to try and visit some other places as well in the coming weeks like the Aquarium and what not. I also have permission to visit my old areas on Pday if I would like. That would be awesome. I will have to plan that though. Time is getting short here on the mission. I am hoping we can find a lot of success here soon.

The 27th of June we are hoping to have a baptism of a young guy named Rafael. He is 18. We will also have a big ward activity that day. We are working and praying for success!

The Finals sound awesome. And go USA women's! Wow USA Mens team sounds good! keep it up Jurgen Klinsmen I want a world cup in 2018 or 2022! haha

Hmm well I think that is all! love you guys tons! Be safe and be converted to the gospel and Jesus Christ everyday. I know he lives and loves us. I know that we can be together forever!


Elder Chez Green

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