Sunday, August 2, 2015

June 29, 2015 - Happy 4th of July this weekend and Happy Father´s Day last weekend!

Hi Family,

First happy late Father´s day to Dad. Sorry I totally forgot. It isn`t a holiday here and time just keeps flying. But I love you tons Dad! And this week is our Independence day! (Great movie). I hope everyone enjoys it all!

A big thanks to my family for the package. I got it this Thursday. So a huge shout out as well to the MORTIMER Family! I love you guys. Thanks for the package, with Thai food and Hawaiian haystack supplies. I made Green Curry this week and it was way good. Perfect to hold me over for Thai food in a couple months. I really appreciate it Mortimer fam! Love you all, especially Jay!

Wow Kevin is home in 10 days. Crazy stuff! And Clint comes home in like 4 weeks. Time is flying by. I feel like time has passed very quickly!

The picture has a special shout out to Jeff Lynch. I am stealing his Sunday Swag or Style of basketball shorts and a white shirt! And rocking my new haircut. it is very nice! I feel like a new man! And the side view as well!

Awesome news that the tickets are booked for the DR trip in October! So excited! I hope JJ and Whitney will be able to make it!

We played basketball today, washed cleaned and just relaxed. I am happy and feeling good! We played with some of the youth of the ward.

So our ward activity went great! We got references and we shared our message. About 5 people took Books of Mormon and a lot of pamphlets and other give aways. Then we watched the movie ¨Meet the Mormon´s¨. Wow so good. I loved it and I plan to buy it when I get back. I want to watch it again, but this time in English. super good though and approved by the mission because it has the church logo!

I heard on Sunday about gay marriage being legal in all 50 states now. Is that for real? Wow how the world and the US has changed in less than two years. I am very surprised but such is life. We must be examples and testify of the truth we know at all times and in all places and be converted each and everyday. We also have the Priesthood to help protect our families and we have good values to keep us safe!

I went on an exchange this week that was cool We put a baptismal date with a sister named Mariana (about 65) who has been visiting the church for a while now. She doesn´t know how to read but her daughter (about 30 yrs old) is a member and they are reading together. We are working for the 18th of July! I also heard that a sister in Villa Liberación may be getting baptized that day as well! And I am sending a pic of a sister in Villa Lib that got baptized last week too!

Oh so this week I met a Russian who lives here. She is very open to the gospel. She has lived here for 25 years about but was born in Uzbekistan and her parents in Russia. She is very nice and we are looking forward to teaching her more!

Go USA Women's and RSL! I hope all is well!

We taught some awesome lessons about the temple to some of our investigators. We didn´t have a lot of contact with the Reyes Family this week because of work and what not, but we are working to get them to keep progressing. The other investigators are doing alight, though it is kind of a stand still. But we will keep working hard. I love you all! Enjoy the week. Happy fourth!


Elder Chez Green

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