Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 6, 2015 - Love y'all a day late but still the same!

So sorry it was a day late but we changed our Pday in order to do some other awesome stuff! The big news is we went to the aquarium, since it is closed on Monday`s we got special permission to change our Pday to today! so that is why. And oh was it a great experience. I planned ahead and met up with some old converts in Los Mameyes (with permission of course) and we had a grand time. It was great to see the family active in the church and progressing a lot! Enderson is now a Priest and is the 2nd assistant to the Bishop, Diosdery is in the Nursery and their daughter always go to Primary. I loved remembering all the great times we had and it was a true spiritual lift! It was a great time being at the aquarium for a couple hours, then I took them out for pizza for lunch (no pic sorry, forgot!) Such a great experience. One of the best Pday´s ever! We also made a bonus trip to the Faro a Colon or Columbus´ lighthouse! WoW is faro which means lighthouse!

That was fun to check it out and see what is inside, because it is always closed on Monday´s as well. It isn´t too far either, about 25 minutes walking more or less. It was fun to get some good pictures and to enjoy it all!

The week has been well. Good news is the Familia Pimentel may get baptized this Saturday. It is tentatively planned so I pray that it goes through. If so, I have permission to go and a plan so the Fam Marte can come with to see the first baptism they have ever seen. So cool! I am excited and I pray it works out. Today we also got haircuts! Mine turned out alright. My last one here probably!

Oh I made more no bake cookies last night to give to Disodery and her kids! Yummy! Hmm what else. Church went well, our bishop is a great guy, cool but awesome!  We helped paint a kitchen on Tuesday for a new investigator family. We found a family of 12, but they are super catholic sadly and not interested, but still cool 10 kids with the same mom and dad!

It has been blazing hot here holy cow! But wow so hot. Hmm we also put a baptismal date with a hno named Andres for the 22 of August. He is doing well but missed church cause he was sick sadly. Another guy named Guillermo told us ¨I haven´t been able to read much this week, and I am not good at remembering names¨ then he went on to tell us the first 10 chapters of the Book of Mormon with all the names like Lehi, Laman, Lemuel, Nephi and Laban. Wow so awesome and that was only the 3rd or 4th visit. We invited him to come to church this week! He is great because he always tries to follow his heart!

I found a spot that sells 25 pesos shakes that are amazing, premade and everything! So good. The only problem is it's in an area that is a little more poor and dangerous at night so we only go during the day!

Wow lots going on. Also we found a less active named Carolyn. We talked about the prodigal son and she cried during our lesson. Then we visited her again with some members to help her make friends and hopefully she will come to church this Sunday! Wahoo lots of work!

I think around like 30 or so missionaries are going home in this month of August! Crazy I know!!

Well I can´t think of anything else really. Oh a scripture joke. Who is the best avenger? See 1 Thess chap 4 verse 6 which says ¨The Lord is the avenger.¨ haha so the Lord (Jesus Christ) is the best avenger! hehe!

Life is good! thanks for all the love! Be safe until next week!


Elder Chez Green

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