Sunday, August 2, 2015

June 22, 2015 - Hello All

I know the news has been back and forth crazy but this week we finally got settled in and we were very blessed for that! We had 17 investigators at church and the awesome part is a full family came for the first time. They are very interested as well. They also have a car which makes it easier to come to church as well!! The family is the Reyes Family. It is the father and his spouse and his two daughters. The mom is pregnant as well. They were a reference from Carlos` first son, named Jean Carlos who lives with his Mom and two other sisters here in the ward. They are great and we are going to teach them about the Book of Mormon this week. They participated in the classes and said they enjoyed it. A lot of other people brought their nieces, nephews and cousins which was cool.

Rafael will not be baptized this week but hopefully soon!

There is another family, the Marte family who is progressing. The father has his left side of his body partial paralyzed because of a stroke and brain problems. We are working for them to make a sacrifice so they can get married, and then we will see how else we can help them. Good stuff though.

The ward is working more with us and we are doing the best we can. This week we went to Sambil. A big mall. I ate caramel popcorn and a slushy, I also ate Krispy Kreme doughnuts! I checked out the movie billboards and we visited the sports store, the Oakley store and walked around the shops. It was enjoyable. Then up at the food court we ate Johnny Rockets! Ah a nice burger that tastes a little like home. I felt like I was back in the states there wow! It was enjoyable!

So this week I have been reading a lot in the bible about the Savior and especially his Atonement or sacrifice for us. Wow that is powerful! I know the Atonement is real and it is so powerful. The Lord has paid for our sins, worries and problems and he loves us. It is like he has paid for our plane ticket home, all we have to do is choose to be humble, repentant, willing to obey him and we can get on the plane and stay there. I know he loves us and is willing to forgive us and help us improve everyday!

I know that through the temple and the Priesthood of God it is possible to have a family sealed together forever. So I invite everyone to prepare now! I love you all!

So I was thinking about as an extended family we could all sing the song ¨Savior, Redeemer¨ at my homecoming. I love that song so much and it is inspiring. Please look it up and see if it´s possible that Steven plays a great medley of it and we can all sing as the family choir. I love the song. Let me know!

Hmm what else... Wow huge news. I am so happy for Dad and his new car! So awesome! Congrats dad. A huge shout out to Ron Green. My awesome and amazing uncle. Thanks for watching over my family while I`m gone! I really appreciate it. I love you Ron. Thank you!

Great that the US women are winning!

WoW is adios cause I am out of here. Love you all tons!


Elder Chez Green

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